Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pokeball Cowl

Last night, two awesome things happened.
First, I dyed my hair red again, since I can have it such a lovely color now that I'm no longer employed at Bi-Mart (if it's not a "natural" color, it's not allowed, apparently). So that's fun. I feel like a mermaid!
Second, I started an awesome project. A crocheted cowl, colored like a Pokeball. Which was finished this morning. Because somehow these time-warp things happen.

Please excuse the bad bathroom selfie, but my regular picture-taker was busy playing Rift. So I had to work on my own, which never produces any good results. And the lighting in my house is rather crap, so excuse the funny colours. But the red is a regular red, and the white is a slightly off-white color, that actually works better than straight white would have. And of course, the black is just black.

It's a pokeball! And a cowl! And warm and soft.
I used both Caron's Simply Soft and Red Heart's Super Soft. All the colors were on hand, which makes crafting even better - not having to go to the store to finish something is an amazing feeling, let me tell you.

The pattern is just a basic Granny Stripe, which isn't very exciting, but makes for a warm and yet not solid construction. Solid work would have been too much bulk. And anything related to the Granny patterns works twice as fast, so that's a plus as well.

The cowl was a spur of the moment decision. I'd never made one before (even though it's just a scarf attached at the ends), but figured why not give it a shot. And in Pokeball colors. It's obviously a Pokeball, if you're aware of Pokemon at all, but just a good color combination if you're not a Pokemon fan. So not too 'in your face' about it belonging to anything. I enjoy waving my fandom flags, but don't like to rub them in people's faces, either. This works in that way.

Hope you like it too, now I'm off to other projects, yay. :) 

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